I'm starting a newsletter – join me

As a broadcaster, I tell it like it is. That’s why my show has always been dubbed Canada’s most irreverent talk show (one year I came close to the world title, but lost to a Moldovan chap).

It’s in that spirit I bring you my first newsletter, creatively titled… erm, Andrew Lawton. This is an unfiltered space in which I’ll share original columns and musings on politics, the culture wars, and some other things that come across my desk.

With free speech and civil liberties facing significant threats, it’s never been more important for independent voices in media – especially those on the political right – to challenge the status quo.

This is not a replacement for The Andrew Lawton Show or my other work with the great team at True North. Quite the contrary – this is a platform on which I can elaborate on some of the stories I’ve delved into on my show (and the ones that didn’t make it in). It’s also a new home for the weekly column I’ve written for years.

I don’t want to wall off content, so this is a free newsletter. But I ask two things of you:

  1. Subscribe. This way you won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

  2. If you value this and are in a position to do so, get a paid subscription. Conservatives get (rightfully) frustrated with the lack of conservative-minded folks in media. Making it viable for those of us in this space to publish content goes a long way.

So, “watch this space,” as they say. Better yet, join me.

Talk to you soon,