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Great writing once again Andrew! Tolerance, empathy and truth are always my mandates but I draw the line with vaccine mandates and proof of vaccine. And like you, I won't be doing business with any that demand it.

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I agree, Andrew. If a private enterprise asks an adult for personal medical information, the adult should be the one to accept or decline that intrusion. Government meddling in these matters results in the current hideous arrangement whereby federal public servants who want to keep their jobs have to beg the government for permission to remain unvaccinated, either through a difficult-to-obtain medical exemption or because of religious belief. The latter then requires the employee to explain the belief, and the manager to assess whether or not "the belief is sincerely held by the employee"! If that's not bad enough, apparently non-religious employees are not even granted that "privilege", because the document states that, "The belief must be religious in nature (not a personal, moral belief)". So agnostics who value bodily autonomy need not apply. Unless you want to get snarled in the Canadian Human Rights Act, which I'm sure would be a nightmare on its own. I don't know how this policy doesn't qualify as blatant discrimination. You can read the whole document here:


If provincial governments want to take a hands off approach to vaccine passports, I say fine, let's move on to the next battle, because as you mentioned in this column, several very troubling federal policies like this one remain on the books.

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