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Another reason for smart, motivated young people who are proactive about their health to not go to university - do you really want bureaucrats forcing you to get medical procedures? It's a big world out there, folks. Life is too short to comply with bureaucratic weasels at Western (who could make it even shorter ...). My wife graduated from Western - I would be furious is this were happening back then. I hope many students are now.

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This is excellently written and hits the mail on the head! We are dealing with the notorious “group-think” when it comes to any institution requiring mass compliance. The mandates are political science, not medical science, and that has been proven time and time again!

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Great article, Andrew. The exact same thought occurred to me a few weeks ago and you have put it into words very nicely.

At the time I was thinking about it, this concept of "curation" did not stop at the university. My mind immediately extrapolated to the entire country. The Federal vaccine mandate is (whether intentional or simply due to incompetence) effectively curating the citizens of Canada. I have seen estimates in the thousands, regarding people who left the country during the initial "grace period" before the travel ban kicked in. For a while I was following a couple of Telegram groups of people who were committed to leaving Canada permanently, were putting their plans into motion, and helping others do the same. There were thousands of members in each group. It is important to note, however, that these were all people who were "nimble" enough to get out fast. They weren't homeowners, for the most part, and they had "portable" jobs. Thousands more who wanted to leave simply couldn't make it happen in time. How many more have left since the "suspension" of mandates? How many more will leave in the coming months and years? I don't know, but perhaps some research is warranted.

Sure, the Liberals, the fakestream media, and the automaton (NPC) majority will scoff and say "well then good riddance!". In fact, if this an intentional "curation" then they will celebrate the loss of these free thinkers. Who needs citizens that stand in the way of "progress"? Who needs selfish people who put the herd at risk?

However, the one thing that they don't understand is that these are not just ordinary folk that are leaving. I mean, sure, some of them are, but many of them are highly paid professionals who are taking their talents elsewhere. It is a little known fact that the least-vaccinated demographic in the USA (per capita) is... wait for it.... people who hold a PhD. I can only presume the situation is similar in Canada. Exacerbation of Canada's "brain drain" is almost certainly part of the collateral damage in the wake of these mandates. It's just very heavy collateral, so it hasn't surfaced yet.

I am one of them. I was a home owner and I have dependents. We couldn't just up and leave. I developed and plan and it has been in motion for 6 months. In another 6-12 months the plan will be accomplished. It makes no difference what the government does. We're done.

One more anecdote before I stop rambling. When we put our house on the market, we shopped around for a real estate agent. One of the agents (I sort of knew the guy) and I got to chatting and he asked "So, what's going on? Why you selling?" So I sort of started beating around the bush and I was just starting to get to my point and he stops me and says "selling everything and leaving the country?" I was a bit surprised and I said "Actually, yes. Exactly. How did you know?"

His answer?

"Oh tons of people are doing that. 4 of my clients in the past 2 months, and I am hearing about others."

That was one agent in a city of 100,000.

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Have you looked into who funds Western? Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donate heavily to the public health school at U of T where they are also mandating boosters.

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Could this have anything to do with the fact that Western and U of T (two of 15 research universities working under the umbrella of U15) is partnered with Moderna to advance research in MRNA science and technology?

Shouldn’t forcing humans to subject themselves to forced vaccination to benefit lucrative research projects be considered a criminal offence?


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