Davos is the world’s largest cash-for-access fundraiser. Business leaders pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be there while politicians get to…
“Owning nothing” doesn’t mean that no one owns anything – it means that you don’t.

December 2022

Mrs. Claus likened getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and washing your hands to “decorating a tree.”
When Justin Trudeau and others predisposed to online censorship use the term “hate speech,” they’re talking about speech they personally hate.
If justifying the Emergencies Act requires legal gymnastics and technicalities, it’s because the facts of the case don’t readily support it.

November 2022

It’s sickening to think that the healthcare system that saved my life in 2010 could, in 2023, help me end my life instead.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, text, email, Signal, WhatsApp, Slack. Personal and business communication has been subject to a proliferation of…
In real time, Canadians could see the government moving the goalposts as its previous narrative about the Emergencies Act crumbled.

October 2022

The Emergencies Act is not for when police can’t get their act together or for when the federal government is embarrassed by a group of truckers. It’s…
Danielle believes the grassroots members need to be the drivers of politics, and she’s spent the last seven years engaging with those very people. They…

September 2022

Virtually every system and process around us is broken, and we’re either too broken to realize it, or we’re so grateful it’s not 2020 that we’ve stopped…
The City of Toronto is terrorizing children to push a Covid vaccine that simply isn’t necessary for most of them.