Austria shows us not only now far supposedly liberal countries are prepared to go, but also how little opposition they'll find when they go there.
The proposal is already finding support from people who wish to conceal their contempt for the unvaccinated with actuarial tables.
It was only a few weeks ago I was being called a conspiracy theorist for suggesting Austria’s population-wide vaccine mandate could just as easily…
By now, even the most hopeful Canadians have realized that our promised freedom is but a mirage which vanishes as we near it.
Trudeau is like the mythicized general who needs to figure out where his troops are headed so he can get in front to lead them.
An inexperienced armourer, a clueless assistant director, and an overly deferential actor share the blame.
What do The Simpsons and the Greek alphabet have in common? Both censored to appease China.
The same Liberals who vowed undying transparency in government want to keep their critics just a mute button away.
Plus the perils of political tribalism and an "Islamophobic" ISIS survivor.
If O’Toole’s run to the centre was done solely for votes, he needs to tell conservatives what makes him think it will work next time.
The climate deal no one likes, the healthcare sacred cow, French language wars continue, and a sports bar says no to vaccine passports (and gets shut…
Pre-arrival COVID testing isn’t about reducing infection, just making travel so cumbersome and costly that no one can do it.